SMARTT recognise the personal challenge and sense of adventure that caving presents.   In the Peak District and across the Yorkshire Dales there are many cave systems with amazing phreatic tubes and canyons to walk through as well as vertical sections for the more adventurous.

Some people think of caving as squeezing through tight gaps and feeling enclosed, this is not the case.  We will explain to you what each cave system entails and guide you towards caves that you will enjoy and feel comfortable in. There are several options for additional challenges in many caves if you are up for it.




We can run introductory caving sessions for anyone interested in becoming involved in this activity or for school groups and young adults.  We also run trips for those who have got a taste for it and want to explore caves or mines a bit more.  Caving is one of the activities that we can include on our multi activity days.





If you are interested in finding out more about any of the caving options please get in touch or fill in your contact details for us to call you.


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