Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional Development

SMARTT North East offer a wide range of professional development courses for indivduals and education professionals, at all stages of their career. These courses focus on developing practical skills, knowledge and confidence for the workplace. Professional Development refers to skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career progress. At SMARTT North East, Training & Development is at the very heart of our organisation. We have comprehensive staff development programs to ensure that we not only give your staff the skills and tools to do their job, but create an environment of continuous lifelong learning.

Our Development courses allows young people and staff alike to play a part in engaging projects and share constructive feedback that lead to;
• Self-esteem
• Key skills Professional Development
• Communication skills
• Self-confidence
• Motivation skills
• Career development
• Success

At SMARTT North East you will find short courses that has been designed to fit round your busy working life. Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses can be as short as a single afternoon or evening sessions. Professional Development can be adapted to facilitate all types of learning opportunities, ranging from college degrees, formal coursework, self employed requirements and entry level learning

Why is it important to focus on professional development?

Employers requires you to think carefully and purposefully about your skills, objectives and areas in which you need to develop.
It is likely they will encourage, or even require, you to engage in processes like Training Needs Analysis and Personal Development Planning. These are designed to give you tools to examine where your development needs are and to help you to address these. Engagement with personal and professional development should also relate to your longer-term career aspirations. Pursuing development opportunities can be useful both as a way of thinking through what you want to do long term and as a way of developing and evidencing the skills that you will need to move on.

Why plan professional development?

All successful individuals follow a plan for their career. This can vary from a detailed plan to a broad direction which allows chance to play a role too. The most useful plans are based on thorough self-awareness and knowledge of career options open to you. These include career structures, types of work, recruitment methods, and what support, training and development is available.

For further information on any of our professional development courses or CPD or to book a free consultancy please use the contact form provided

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