Spectator Safety

Spectator Safety

Spectator Safety

The Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Spectator Safety is a qualification designed for anyone working or wishing to work in the events stewarding industry. The Spectator Safety forms part of a suite of qualifications designed in consultation with both industry and sector experts. The qualification could include a variety of sporting or musical events. The Spectator Safety qualification fulfils the regulations and meets the requirements aid out in the Football Licensing Authority’s Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (known as the Green Guide).

The Spectator Safety has provide to be a success within the Physical Education (PE) Departments in Secondary schools

The Spectator Safety qualification comprises of 6 mandatory units

• Prepare for spectator events
• Control the entry, exit, and movement of people at spectator events
• Monitor spectators and deal with crowd problems
• Support the work of the team and organisation
• Help to manage conflict
• Deal with accidents and emergencies

To gain the Spectator Safety qualification, all 6 units must be achieved. This Spectator Safety qualification is done by building a portfolio of evidence – all evidence can comprise of, Skype, emails/calls, delivery paperwork, photographic evidence, video recordings, audio recordings, group discussions, statements/notes from line managers, peer and witness testimony and direct observations by the assessor.
The Spectator Safety qualification will be carried out in the workplace. Units fit in with everyday work and candidates will need to meet typical workday demands and responsibilities. On average it takes approximately 5 months to complete a Level 2 NVQ however, the qualification can be completed in less or more time depending on the individual.

What progression opportunities are available to learners who achieve this qualification?

Progression could lead to further or education, including further work based qualifications in areas such as:
• Spectator safety, for sports or music events
• Spectator safety management
• Security
• Door supervision

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Spectator Safety


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