Functional Skills Resources

Functional Skills Resources

Functional Skills Resources are available on a ‘mix and match basis’ and can be purchased as individual sheets, or why not take full advantage of our reduced Functional Skills resources packages

Our Functional Skills Resources are use to:

  • Engage the hard to reach learner
  • Focus on learners skills gaps on an individual basis
  • Teach mixed-ability individual learners
  • Combine vocational relevancy into your delivery.

Functional Skills Resources support with delivery

Activity-based delivery  lesson plans offer total support that can easily be used with all post-16 learners.  Whether learners are pursuing an Apprenticeship, NVQ, Diploma or just taking Functional Skills as a standalone qualification. Our Functional Skills resources offers both theory and practical support and guidance for different models of delivery.

Functional Skills Resources complete solution:

TheFunctional Skills resources packs cover all the Functional Skills standards, with guidance on; assisting learners to apply problem solving skills; assessing learners; underpinning English and mathematics skills; working with groups and individual learners; improving own learning and performance; preparing for assessment.

Functional Skills Resources interactive learning:

The Functional Skills resources bring real life scenarios with integrated interactive activities that allow and encourage learners to apply their Functional Skills in different contexts and situations. The activities help learners to make their own decisions and solve everyday problems using their English and mathematics skills.

Functional Skills Resources personalise to your own individual needs:

Functional Skills resources are a wealth of teacher/trainer resources sit alongside ideas for contextualising the learning to different sectors, meaning you can adapt the resources to suit your individual learners needs.

Functional Skills Resources Prepare learners for assessment:

Prepare learners for their Functional Skills tests with extended tasks, model answers and support on what to expect.

Functional Skills mathematics resources

Functional skills resources in mathematics aims to ensure that each individual has a sufficient understanding of a range of mathematical processes and knows how and when to use them.  Individual learners will increase their confidence and capability to correspond to situations, carry out calculations, and interpret and explain solutions to problem solving in life and work.

Your learners need to address specific areas that would help them gain additional marks in certain key areas, to give the learners this advantage, our free functional skills mathematics diagnostics assessment sheet will assist you doing this

Functional Skills English resources

Functional skills resources in English aims to ensure that each individual is self confident and competent when speaking, listening, reading and writing, and is proficient to communicate effectively, adapting to a range of different audiences, situations.

In a practical context this means that in every day life and work each individual should be able to:

  • read and understand everyday texts such as leaflets, letters, instructions, etc and then respond appropriately. This could apply to working out which train to catch to reach a specific destination, to organising a series of tasks in the workplace.
  • analyse how ideas and information are presented
  • write to inform and, at Level 2, to persuade
  • write accurately, without errors
  • make a presentation and contribute to discussions
  • use speech to work collaboratively in teams and agree actions and conclusions.

Your learners need to address specific areas that would help them gain additional marks in certain key areas, to give the learners this advantage, our free functional skills English diagnostics assessment sheet will assist you doing this

The notable lack of vocational relevancy in Functional Skills classes was recently identified by Ofsted in their report into the provision for education and skills in the learning and skills sector.

Classroom based lessons did not link sufficiently with the vocational area and they often failed to motivate learners to work on their skills.  Showing learners the relevance of these skills to the subject they are studying is the key to success.”

 The report of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills: Learning and skills,  November 2012


Take advantage of our “free” Functional Skills English and mathematics diagnostics assessment sheet and please contact us for the answers.  If you require any further assistance please get in touch and we will be delighted to assist you



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